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the Journals Origins

Get to Know Us

The journal is based in Kings College London’s Department of Theology and Religious Studies. It is a student-run project.   


With its origins in the Religion Outside the University Seminar Series, this journal has been established by the Founder, Giorgia O’Donoghue, in partnership with Annie McCormack. Both of whom are MA students in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies.

The Journals Aims

The journal seeks to encourage interested students to begin exploring what it would be like to go through a journal publishing process and established academics alike. 


The core aim is to aid the exploration of the important interdisciplinary nature of the field of theology and religious studies. This journal is also a place for experimental forms of academic writing that may not be found in traditional journals. 


We encourage submissions from multiple disciplines, including but not limited to:

Anthropology, Biblical Studies, Feminist Studies, History and Historical Criticism, Gender Studies, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Politics, Queer Studies, Sociology, The Arts and Theology

We also welcome book reviews.


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